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Manta Mind Specialised Programs

'Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future'

In addition to our general services, Manta Mind Hypnotherapy offers specialised and powerful programs tailored to Women; Parents and Corporate.

Manta Mind Hypnotherapy Services


Empower Me

Most of the women I work with are mid 30s and above, and 'stuck'. Stuck in a relationship they're not happy with, stuck in an unfulfilling career, stuck with the same old behaviours and patterns repeating like an old record.


I've been there, I get it, and I know how to get out of it!


Check out this review from one of my amazing clients (click here or check out my YouTube page)


In just four sessions, we'll identify what is holding you back from living your best life, identify your triggers, and your limiting and negative beliefs, and get crystal clear on what you want instead.


With these insights, I’ll help you shift into an empowered state leaving you feeling confident, clear, focused and motivated.


I’ll also give you the tools to embody these feelings, leaving you loving, accepting and trusting yourself fully.

SleepTalk - Manta Mind



"The most profound thing we have to offer our own children is our own healing’ Anne Lamott.

Parenting little ones can be hard. Add self-doubt and anxiety from your own childhood wounds, and this can make the parenting journey almost impossible at times.


Becoming a parent is the ultimate reason to heal those old wounds, to see and understand the triggers and patterns of your behaviour; and to transform these unconscious programmes so you can be the parent you needed when you were younger.

Helping parents heal the past so they can be conscious and connected in their parenting journey is my passion. So I created this programme to enable parents to EVOLVE.
This 4 session programme starts with powerful personalised 'inner work' to help you identify what may be triggering you and negatively impacting your parenting journey.
Hypnotherapy and coaching helps to gently heal these old wounds, make peace with your past and enable you to enjoy the present moment, staying calm and control during challenging situations.

We then conclude with SleepTalk, a process to grow your connection with your child/ren and improve their happiness, self-esteem and confidence. 

The results are amazing and life-changing.
It’s never too late, if you want to give your child the most profound gift of your own healing, then get in touch.



Manage Your Mindset 

During this 5 week programme you’ll learn about your ability to manage your mindset.

Stress and burnout are on the rise and it's more essential than ever to prioritise our emotional fitness.

Each session runs for 45-60 minutes and finishes with a guided meditation to end your day on a relaxing note.

You don’t need any previous experience just a positive intention to participate.

The five sessions cover the following topics:


Breathe (properly)

Use your breath to help you sleep and reduce your stress levels


Attention Training

Harness the power of your thoughts


Intentional and Conscious Living

Get out of autopilot mode


Dealing With ‘Monkey Mind’

Calm your busy mind



Set yourself up for quality sleep

Get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help you, or your team, be a 'pioneer of the future'.

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