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During this 5 week online programme you’ll learn about your ability to manage your mindset.

Stress and burnout are on the rise and it's more essential than ever to prioritise our emotional fitness.

Each session runs for 45-60 minutes and finishes with a guided meditation to end your day on a relaxing note.

The five recorded sessions cover the following topics:

01.Breathe (properly)

Use your breath to help you sleep and reduce your stress levels

02.Attention Training

Harness the power of your thoughts

03.Intentional and Conscious Living

Get out of autopilot mode

04.Dealing With ‘Monkey Mind’

Calm your busy mind


Set yourself up for quality sleep



Bonus recording - 'Hour of Power'

Lifetime access to recordings

Free E- Workbook

Manage your Mindset - 5 week online programme - Basic

  • There is no refund of the ticket purchase.

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