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Why Hypnotherapy is a booming industry

Mindvalley is now offering Certifications in Hypnotherapy acknowledging it is a booming industry.. why??

People are sick of talking about their problems trying to heal with the same mind / thinking that often exacerbated the problem.

Einstein said 'You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created' and that is your analytical thinking mind. Even he knew it..

I was listening to an audio book of a well-known psychologist recently (who due to seeing psychology as being limited in helping people to heal, has now grown to be more holistic, using a range of other modalities to help her clients). It broke my heart to hear that in her early years as a practicing clinical psychologist, one of her clients didn't have a critical awareness moment until 5 years into therapy :O :O

5 YEARS!!!! WTF … hypnotherapy allows you to get out of your thinking mind and access solutions and / or to transform trauma and pain easily and effortlessly without years of talking about the same old stuff.. keeping you stuck … reinforcing that same old neural pathway …. Playing out your Ground Hog day. Giving you more of the same.

So.. you can keep talking about your problems and what is keeping you stuck.. you may get some insights or understanding but I know for sure, that for me, and many people who approach me after trying sometimes decades of talk therapy... it doesn't offer sustainable results. It doesn't offer transformation.

But hypnotherapy does… and better learn the tools to support you going forward to deal with life’s challenges (unlike the counsellor who once said to me during a mental health crisis that I just had to ‘park my thoughts’ without any suggestion as to HOW I do that with a highly anxious state of mind).

What do you choose? for your free 30 minute consultation

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