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My biggest challenge during pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought my physical disability would be the biggest challenge for growing and raising a busy little boy. I was wrong, self-doubt and anxiety were… Despite all the previous therapy I had done to heal the wounds of my own childhood, the thought of bringing a child of my own into the world scared the sh*t out of me… would I be a ‘good enough’ mum, would I revert to the way my mother raised me? Would I emotionally damage this innocent soul because of my unhealed ‘stuff’? The burden was heavy and resulted in an emotional and anxious pregnancy.

Fast forward 7 years and I recognise this journey was one of me stepping up. No other time in my life has it been as important for me to heal those old wounds, to see and understand the triggers and patterns of my behaviour and how it can impact the ones I loved the most, and to transform these unconscious programmes so I could ‘be the parent I needed when I was younger’.

Personally, years of previous talk therapy never gave me the healing, insights and transformation I needed so I turned to hypnotherapy as an alternative. My first taste of hypnosis was a hypnobirthing course, then later using audio recordings to heal after my c-section. And finally, hypnotherapy was critical in helping me recovery from an emotional breakdown I had when my son was around 3. The mask I put on to ‘keep going’ and ‘be strong’ and be the ‘good enough’ mum well and truly fell off.

I experienced such a profound transformation that I decided to study clinical hypnotherapy and in 2019 I created Manta Mind Hypnotherapy. And now my passion is helping mums and dads heal the past so they can be conscious and connected in their parenting journey. It’s never too late, if you want to give your child/ren the most profound gift of your own healing, then get in touch. I offer free 30-minute consultations online and would love to hear from you.

Mia xx

Mum to a gorgeous 6.5 year old boy

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Empowerment Coach

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