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Feeling stuck? You may be having a 'modern mid life crisis'.

‘Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an unbelievable breakthrough’ - Unknown

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like you're living like it's 'ground hog day' and you're just going through the motions but not really happy about the life your living. Perhaps you are wondering what has happened to the old you, the life you used to live and you reminisce with some sadness and a sense of grief and loss? Or worse still, have you got stuck in what feels to be a black hole... totally unhappy, feeling out of control and wondering WTF has your life come to? I experienced this a few years ago, when I fell into a life of anxiety, paranoia and fear. Well I didn’t fall into it, it had been rearing its ugly head for most of my life but I guess living in a country that wasn’t my ‘home’, as a single mum with a toddler, working in a soul destroying job where I felt devalued and useless and having another relationship failure (putting it nicely) just tipped me right over the edge. I felt I was spiralling out of control, that life was just occurring around me and my mind was racing a million miles an hour with very unhelpful thoughts. I was out of control, alone and it scared the shit out of me. Every emotion was coming up, I was isolating myself, pushing people away and likely scaring the shit out of people around me too. I was in a black hole and needed to get out for my sake and my son’s sake. I ashamedly went to the doctor who prescribed me some medication for anxiety. But every cell inside me did not want to take it, on reflection I probably should have but I didn’t, it didn’t feel right for me. So instead, after many years of being curious I took myself off to see a hypnotherapist. At first I wasn’t sure if it was working.. what it did was highlight to me how hurt I was, and how much baggage I had from my childhood, that was now my automatic ‘programming’ and how that was triggering me in my adult life. All the beliefs I have subconsciously downloaded like ‘you’re not good enough for a relationship’, ‘you’re not equipped to be a mother’, and ‘you’re fucking everything up again’ to mention a few, were controlling my mind and body. I spoke to a counsellor at this critical time and his wise words after listening to me our my heart out were ‘you need to stop your thoughts’. That was it. No tips, no advice on how to do this. BUT it worked, I buried it deep, I ‘parked it’. Knowing that wasn’t a long term solution, I decided to go see Justine, my hypnotherapist, and do the inner work that I had avoided to do. The work for me to love myself again, to respect myself again, to remember who the fuck I was, to trust myself again. To get all that I needed from the most important person in the world.. not my former partner.. not my mother, not my deceased father, not any other person but ME! Hypnotherapy enabled me to clear the programming that was replaying in my life like a virus on a computer. There were many techniques that were used to achieve this, one of those most powerful was doing inner child work. I have explained how this works in a short video 'The power of Inner Child Healing'.

Once you have done the work to release what is holding you back, it is vital to have a clear vision of the life you want to live. I am currently writing my LifeBook which is letting me ‘think big’ about 12 dimensions of my life and create a clear vision of what I want in all areas. This process is giving me vital insights and a clear vision and strategy about how to live the life I want, perfectly balanced in all areas. It is giving me clarity, tools, and momentum I need to elevate my life to a higher level and turn my life into a living masterpiece. If this is something that interests you I will be sharing more about this process and some of the insights acquired from this work next month. In the meantime, if you want to start the process of getting crystal clear about the life you want to create for yourself so you can make strategic decisions towards achieving those dreams, and commence manifesting that vision, connect with me and I can work with you one on one to achieve this.

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