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Sep 22, 2023 - Oct 27, 2023

Manage your Mindset - 5 Week Online Program

  • 36Days
  • 7Steps
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Stress and burnout are on the rise so it's more essential than ever to prioritise our emotional fitness. Instead of waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan (aka a crisis to strike), why not take the proactive step of signing up for this program? Over the course of 5 weeks, every Friday, we're going to explore 5 essential topics. I'll be sharing some valuable insights, thrown in some practical tips, and guiding you through simple, easy-to-use tools. By the end of the program, you'll be confidently equipped with skills that work to effectively manage your mindset. ​Each recording runs for 45-60 minutes and finishes with a soothing guided meditation to end the session on a relaxing note.

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